Endodontist are faced with calcified canals, difficult to locate canals and unusual canal anatomy on a daily basis. Dynamic Navigation could be used for finding and successfully treating these cases in a safe and predictable manner. The precision of this technology, which has an accuracy within 0.5 mm of the treatment plan, offers a great advantage during the surgical procedures. It helps Endodontist avoid critical structures and carry out minimally invasive surgeries.

Dynamic Navigation uses a stereoscopic tracking camera to dynamically guide the operator’s instruments to the correct location during endodontic procedures. The system superimposes the depth, angle, and position of the Practicioner drill and drill tip onto the Tomographic image, providing real-time visual feedback. This is analogous to the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) and satellite navigation.

Silberman Endodontics is one of the few Endodontist groups in Palm Beach county as well as Broward county who can offers this technology to their patients.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional care utilizing our Dynamic Navigation System – Navident (ClaroNav) for the most current and advanced technology in dentistry.